1. A Changing Landscape

  2. When Opportunity Meets Strategy

  3. A Real Difference

Chapter 1

A Changing Landscape

Inappropriate, unrestricted and excessive use of antimicrobials contribute to antimicrobial resistance (AMR), leading to the overall ineffectiveness of antibiotics. Despite AMR being a growing and silent threat that requires global coordinated action, current surveillance and coordination are minimal.

Issues at the country level can stem from all stages of complexity, from basic understanding of when and why to use an antibiotic to complex regulatory challenges. A market failure also exists: Given the demand for a robust pipeline of antimicrobials, reimbursement models and incentives are needed for the continual research and development of novel antibiotics. A comprehensive discussion that includes all relevant stakeholders is necessary to better understand the responsibilities required to transform the response to AMR at the local, national and international level.

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It is vital that steps are taken to address this problem, including the implementation of policies to reduce the use of antibiotics, the development of new medicines, and the strengthening of health systems to ensure the appropriate use of antibiotics.

- Dr. Alexei Carrillo Villegas, Deputy Minister of Heath, Costa Rica

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Chapter 2

When Opportunity Meets Strategy

The AMR initiative originated when Pfizer and the country of Malaysia approached BCIU to convene a discussion to solve in-country challenges on AMR. BCIU utilized its expertise and neutral convening powers to bring together necessary participants for a series of controlled, unbiased and multi-stakeholder discussions.

This work in AMR is unique because it provides highly customizable and scalable programs with targeted, curated participants. Through BCIU’s deep connections and well-versed proficiency within industries, the events bring in diverse stakeholders to address the AMR burden. Following approval of the proposal and finalization of the objectives, BCIU begins collecting key topics for the agenda and sourcing priority participants from government, multilateral organizations, public and private hospitals, donor groups, medical associations, regulatory agencies and more.

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Antimicrobial resistance has an impact on the health of people who have exclusive public coverage, private coverage, or any area of social security, so we have to work together on strategies that have a consensus so they can be implemented homogeneously, throughout the country.

- Dr. Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health, Argentina

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Chapter 3

A Real Difference

2019 BCIU AMR delegation hosted by Merck, meeting in Malaysia with Minister of Health H.E. Dzulkefly Ahmad

Since 2019, the initiative has held 13 country roundtables, each leading to increased awareness of challenges and opportunities for progress. Events have included participants from federal and state ministries of health, the WHO, the U.S. CDC, international donor agencies, public and private hospitals, universities, medical and infectious disease associations, animal and environmental health institutions, and private sector companies. By bringing these stakeholders together, these convenings work to increase dialogue and forge alliances between government, experts in the local academic and health fields, and the private sector.

After the programs, participants debrief to establish next steps and ways to continue momentum to achieve goals beyond the discussion. Each convening not only increases attention to the global burden AMR poses, but also provides a time to discuss the current National Action Plan in each country and gather recommendations and considerations from the group for the next iteration. The initiative has been valuable to BCIU’s member companies and partnering governments by providing a unique and rarely seen platform for public-private engagement to address AMR at the national level.

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This working group is very important to us, and we are proud to be able to promote the implementation of law in this space.

- Dr. Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health, Argentina

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