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Thriving economies are connected economies. Built on the strength of links between business, government, organizations and institutions. A strategic partner for global businesses and governments, BCIU helps build the infrastructure of a thriving world by facilitating relationships, partnerships, and international understanding.

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We believe that business is the greatest platform for change. BCIU shares that vision and creates opportunities for us to collaborate with global partners to address ambitious goals around climate change, equity, and more.

- Salesforce

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Stories & News


The Role of Boards in Fostering DEI

According to BCIU Director and Chair of the Board Jim Nevels, achieving company-wide change begins with leadership.


Natarajan Chandrasekaran on Establishing Lasting Purpose

According to Chandra, building an organization based on purpose starts with leadership developing an understanding of what kind of company it wants the business to be, and determining its overall purpose.


Ruth Porat on Leading With Purpose

According to Porat, having a sense of purpose is a factor in team performance. “Culture is substantially more important to driving strong peak performance than any rules or regulations because it governs what we do every day,” she says.


Emphasizing Impact With Albert Bourla

When it comes to leading with purpose, Bourla thinks it’s a big misconception that what is good for stakeholders and what is good for shareholders is fundamentally at odds


Kenya’s Strategic Importance: Within East Africa and Beyond

This August marked a historic election for Kenya: After a competitive presidential campaign – and six days of tallying votes – William Ruto was declared president-elect, as certified by the Supreme Court.


Prioritizing Climate Resilience During COP27

The next decade is a critical moment in history: a turning point to establish the policies and investments necessary to limit the global average temperature to the Paris Agreement goal level of 1.5 degrees Celsius. It’s also a critical moment to begin to adapt to a warmer world.

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