What We Do

BCIU promotes international understanding and expands global trade and commerce through a combination of dialogue and action. We organize meetings, panel discussions and off-the-record briefings between business executives and senior government officials, heads of state, chiefs of government, cabinet ministers, senior officials of multilateral and international organizations, and subject matter experts. We drive impact by understanding the priorities of the governments and businesses that we work with, and tailor our initiatives to address and overcome global challenges as well as fulfill ambitious objectives. Our values shape our approach to building partnerships and helping all our stakeholders. The global marketplace and our global community thrive when commercial diplomacy and people-to-people exchanges serve as the foundation of robust international understanding.


BCIU’s focus areas are broad and cover everything from agriculture to education, health, and defense. BCIU invests in opportunities, partnerships and action that drive forward every industry. Here are some of our main focus areas:


The mission of BCIU’s regional teams is to build and maintain high-level networks. BCIU invests in sustaining this global network to help members with business continuity, gain local knowledge, procure new opportunities, assess political risk, and solve specific last mile challenges.


Across sectors, several themes of interest persist. Because of their global relevance, these are topics that often require high-level organizational strategy and action. Some examples that we’ve identified for their urgency include diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), and climate and sustainability. Themes are nuanced by nature and methods of addressing them will vary widely by location – often influenced by local politics, culture and historical precedent. Private and public sector organizations can work with BCIU to better understand these themes, determine courses of action and build constructive partnerships that facilitate positive solutions.

Government Partnerships