1. A Changing Landscape

  2. When Opportunity Meets Strategy

  3. A Real Difference

Chapter 1

A Changing Landscape

Today, with 80 million hectares of land for agriculture, but currently only 30 million actively used, Nigeria’s agricultural potential is enormous. But to seize this opportunity, the government and private sector together must leverage new technologies and sustainable methods of farming. Not only will this strengthen the economy, it will also help empower the labor force, lift more people out of poverty, and support local farmers build their capacity. Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC is as at the forefront of this transforming industry, providing innovative technologies, minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs to make better use of the land.

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More than 60 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa are smallholder farmers, and about 23 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP comes from agriculture.

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Chapter 2

When Opportunity Meets Strategy

As issues of climate and environment grow around the world, Flour Mills and BCIU came together to discuss ways to deepen our mutual interest in the agriculture sector, particularly in the Africa region. BCIU leveraged its deeply connected network to invite the Minister of Agriculture from Nigeria to attend a roundtable and kicked-up a substantial outreach campaign to create a diverse audience based on member and stakeholder interests. BCIU brought in partners that were not only U.S. companies, but also foreign enterprises. Using BCIU’s bilateral and global network, the forum created a more complete picture of the situation in Nigeria, covering key topics in the Nigerian agriculture sector from global best practices to recommendations targeting specific situations on the ground.

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Africa could produce two to three times more cereals and grains, which would add 20 percent more cereals and grains to the current worldwide 2.6 billion tons of output.

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Ultimately, BCIU was able to use its agility and expertise to represent several different points of view before and during the convening. We helped stimulate ideas and actions for sustainable economic activity and innovative partnerships.

- Calum Hill, Program Officer, Africa, BCIU

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Chapter 3

A Real Difference

The virtual roundtable made a difference across the public and private sectors: Nigeria was able to showcase itself as a leader in the agriculture sector and as an investment opportunity that could lead to increased exports for the Nigerian agriculture sector. Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC further established itself in the global community, showcasing their capabilities to a diverse audience.

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This dialogue was a critical opportunity to share best practices, find common ground for collaboration, and identify a roadmap for other organizations to help create positive change for Africa’s agriculture sector.

- John Coumantaros, Chairman, Flour Mills

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Looking ahead, BCIU has established a robust agriculture portfolio, building on its mission to highlight challenges in the sector. By bringing these issues to the forefront of our global conversations around climate and the environment, we are raising solutions to the highest levels of business and government and driving greater changes globally.

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