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COVID-19 is exposing new gaps in health systems globally while widening existing gaps for global health issues that have been emerging as pandemics for years, such as HIV/AIDS, noncommunicable diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Our activities bring together stakeholders who are focused on producing efficiencies in healthcare, innovating in healthcare delivery models, private sector integration in sustainable financing, and the regulatory challenges of access to medicine, diagnostics and PPE for the most vulnerable communities in order to reflect on the past and present and prepare for the future.


In accordance with BCIU’s partnership with PEPFAR and the need to sustain public and private sector cooperation that has contributed to more successful global HIV/AIDS outcomes, in 2019 BCIU convened a reception in Washington, D.C. on World AIDS Day which brought together a diverse set of stakeholders.


Case Study

Case Study

Health and Economic Recovery in Latin America: Priorities for MetLife and Roche


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