Please see below a message from Mr. Peter Tichansky, President & CEO, BCIU, and Mr. Andy Karellas, Executive Director, the State International Development Organizations (SIDO): 

We are proud to announce that the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) and the State International Development Organizations (SIDO) have recently entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) based on a mutual interest to foster international understanding, advance exports of U.S. goods and services, and increase foreign direct investment to the United States. In particular, the MOU seeks to help advance the joint missions of BCIU and SIDO, expand international commerce, and encourage economic development worldwide by:

• Delivering programming to facilitate international trade and commerce;
• Educating global policymakers on the benefits of trade and cross border investment flows;
• Fostering greater engagement of businesses and governments at the sub-national level;
• Promoting goods and services exports of particular U.S. states and localities; and
• Providing a connection between global business and U.S. states regarding potential foreign direct investment / domestic investment opportunities.

Our two organizations are committed to a regular exchange of information, project referrals where appropriate, and providing cross-organizational assistance to engage global policymakers in potential public-private economic partnerships. We will work to provide speakers and promotional materials in connection with each other’s events, notify each other regarding participation opportunities on organizational trade missions and other programming, and co-host events as mutually agreed upon.

We encourage all of our members to learn more about the benefits of membership in BCIU and SIDO, as they remain distinct, and consider supporting both of these quality organizations through dedicated annual funding.

BCIU is a nonprofit organization comprised of policy experts, strategic advisors, and trade educators working to shape the future by expanding international understanding and helping address the world’s most complex challenges. For sixty-five years, it has believed that the expansion of trade, commerce, and people-to-people relationships enables business and government to thrive and society to flourish. Through bespoke, value-added services, BCIU provides ways for its public and private sector partners to deepen economic cooperation and enhance international understanding.

SIDO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization affiliated with The Council of State Governments, or CSG, and comprises international economic development practitioners and professionals from state and related organizations across the country. SIDO helps state international trade programs better serve American exporters and international company investors by sharing innovative ideas and resources, developing the skills of state trade professionals, advocating the interests of states in international trade promotion, and facilitating multistate collaboration. 

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