1. A Changing Landscape

  2. When Opportunity Meets Strategy

  3. A Real Difference

Chapter 1

A Changing Landscape

As an organization, BCIU is increasing the scope and impact of our regional and sectoral portfolios. Together with the members of our agricultural portfolio, BCIU has a significant capacity to create a positive impact on this sector. In recognizing this potential impact, BCIU along with our members and adjacent companies began efforts to address the escalating challenge of global food insecurity.

“We’re recognizing that our members in the agricultural portfolio have the technology, finances and strategies needed to empower farmers, increase food production and overcome the risks associated with the climate and supply chain,” said Joe Walters, Program Officer and Agriculture portfolio lead at BCIU.

Since Rome is the center of international efforts to promote sustainable development and combat world hunger, BCIU spearheaded efforts there in early 2022 with the U.S. Mission to the UN Agencies. Together, the group convened stakeholders with influence on food security for a dinner in honor of new U.S. Ambassador Cindy McCain. The Mission is engaged with six Rome-based multilateral organizations, the three principal United Nations organizations dedicated to food and agriculture (the World Food ProgrammeFood and Agriculture Organization, and International Fund for Agricultural Development), the International Development Law Organization, the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, and the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.

Chapter 2

When Opportunity Meets Strategy

As a result of the dinner, BCIU members pledged to form a Food Security Working Group to catalyze support for Ambassador McCain’s efforts in combating hunger and addressing challenges in the global food system. The goals of the group are to:

  • Enhance BCIU expertise and capacity on key trends through frequent, results-oriented forums.
  • Expand the network of companies in the food, agriculture and finance ecosystem to support food security goals.
  • Utilize key global convenings like UNGA and COP to host multi-stakeholder dialogues.
  • Play an external role in helping coordinate USG, global governments and multilateral institutions toward shared objectives.

Chapter 3

A Real Difference

While the impact of the Food Security Working Group is burgeoning and ongoing, its formation is a testament to the urgency required to solve this top global challenge. BCIU’s members and our government partners are committed to alleviating the inequities present in the food system, and to delivering on Sustainable Development Goal 2, creating a world free of hunger.

“Our members are finding innovative ways to bring markets to farmers and provide greater access to capital,” said Walters. “The Food Security Working Group is a great start and an example that we hope will inspire other collectives of BCIU membership to collaborate in a creative way and tackle additional cross-cutting challenges.”

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